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Making simple fitness Choices


Today is the day I am on the road and travel from Washington state to Oregon.  I woke up not feeling like doing a whole heck of a lot so I slummed it in my yoga pants while on my travels.  My drive is a 4hr round trip and with traffic through Portland being busy at times runs me through the ringer!

I Imagined it to be horribly rainy when I got to my destination as well as the weather doesn’t tend to differ too much from Washington to Oregon (where I was going).  Usually, I like to get to my destination early in order to get out of the car for a while before I head back north…and with the weather being bad….didn’t have a lot of choices.  My choices were: go to a movie (to stay out of the rain) OR tough the rain and go for a walk.

As I got further south the clouds started to clear up and it got surprisingly nice out! My mind was still somewhat set on going to a movie so I looked to see what was playing…not a lot of choices out there….there were 2 I was interested in, “The Intern” and for the sake of the season “Crimson Peak”.  I could have made both BUT my thoughts went to the fact that the nice weather won’t be around much longer and I certainly will have PLENTY of wet days to catch a mediocre movie that I will like just as must when it comes on Netflix.

I drove to Bald Hill and it was crowded with people who might have also been thinking about being out as much as possible while the weather is still nice. Horses, bike, dogs with there people were all over the hill and, to my joy I was able to get in contact with an old friend I have had since Kindergarten! It has been 5 years since she and I have talked! So, we did a little catching up while on my walk but I didn’t want to hear too much as we agreed to get together on a weekend when I am down again.  My catching topped with the weather and fall trees made time fly and found myself on a 7mile walk round trip back to my car.  Aside from the nasty blister I got from my shoes…I am SOOOOo happy I made the healthy choice of walking over popcorn and soda I KNOW I would have gotten at the theater.

One Day at a Time…

Just keep training! :)):

Today, before I stared all that packing business and after my coffee- I decided to switch things up and go for a walk!  I have been feeling extremely stressed trying to get everything ready for the move and haven’t really made it to CrossFit AT ALL in about 2 weeks! I made sure the kiddies were all fed and happy and had the oldest watch the little ones while I took the dog and headed out.  I used to walk/hike daily in my home town and it always makes me feel so good to be outside. Today was no different. The weather was a perfect 72 degrees!!!

It’s been SO LONG since I have been able to take a walk all by myself! It’s such a great time to play catch-up with me and my thoughts.  I find that this indeed is something I have taken for granted.  I enjoyed the sounds of nature in the walk so much my walk ended up being a 7 mile journey! I ate really well today too!  hopefully I will pull myself out of this funk I’ve been in and get back on track with my goals soon!!


Spaghetti Squash Caprese Bake

Discovered this one on Pinterest this morning and made it for lunch! SOOOOO-> GOOD!!! I added a little salt to taste and didn’t have fresh tomatoes so I added 1/2 a 14oz. can of diced tomatoes YUM! DO IIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT!!!!

Pink Troll Kitchen

Well, it’s certainly been far too long since I last shared a recipe. But don’t worry folks, I’ve been stocking up the photos on my camera and recipes in my Moleskine. I’ve got tons of stuff to share! The holidays were brutally busy this year, so blogging had to take a back seat. Fortunately, eating and cooking remained a huge priority. The waistband of my jeans is proof of that.

So as most of us do over the holidays, I overindulged a bit (a lot). Because of this, I’m trying to focus on recipes that are a bit healthier. And I do usually cook pretty healthy, so by “healthier” I mean minimal usage of the gluten-free “frankenfoods” (i.e. fake pasta, bread, etc.). Anyway, for dinner tonight I decided to make something that’s been concocting itself in the back of my mind for a week or so. These ingredients together just…

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It really is a continuous Struggle…

If you eat what you've always eaten, you will weigh what you've always weighed.:

I have been silent for a LOOOOONG time! I haven’t quit Crossfit at all.  I took a bit of a break in the summer because in May, we put the house up for sale and with the house shortage had showings 2-4 times a week. This certainly makes it difficult to get to the box having to clean and get out of the house at the drop of a hat.  Now that we have recently sold (YAY!!!) the new problem is packing a the whole house and getting out of here by the closing date.

I DO have a new adventure though, my sister-in-law has FINALLY decided to join me in my CrossFit adventure!!!  It has taken me FOREVER to talk her into coming! Granted, she is in another town but we are able to talk about our struggles and triumphs together in out CF lingo and understand what we are saying to each other…I usually get blank stares like, “oh…that’s nice” from people.  She too wants to lose weight and is doing quite well.  YAY her! Me, I have been struggling with it…having to grab a quick bite here and there with inspections for both houses and leaving the house for one reason or another…*sigh…I need to get a grip on this! One day at a time.  NOT giving up!!! –>random thought: I have to find a new Crossfit Box…I’m a bit worried about this…but maybe it will be better than the one I’m at! Only time will tell…


Gosh, it’s been a While…but it’s been hard.

Man, am I feeling this right now!  I got to the point in my CrossFit where I was going to add a day and go 4 days a week and then life hit.  It hit hard! I have been struggling to make it to my workouts since the time change really.  At first, it was because my body just flat said, “NO” to waling up that early…and then spring break hit and my niece came to visit me from Alaska. I haven’t seen her since she was 7 so I spent as much time as I could visiting with her.  I wanted to bring her to CrossFit with me but they said her parent had to be there…which wasn’t possible.  Then my own kids’ spring break hit after the niece went home and when I thought I would be able to go more…but nope- the kidlets took off to Oregon and that left me waiting for the husband to get off work to watch the 4yr. old so I could get some sweat time in…that was only able to happen 1 or two days. BOO!!!  Now, we are thinking about putting our house us for sale and so now I have to clean, paint, stage->you know, fun stuff…on top of home schooling the children I MUST find time to go!!! My body is aching for it!!!